It's Time To Get Your Restaurant a Website

Yes a website is still important and yes you have a social media account and that is all you think you need when it comes to having a online prescnce, but think again.

Over 75% of diners look up a restaurant's website before visiting it.

So if your restaurant does not have a website or an old out dated website then you can be losing out.

If someone looked up your business online RIGHT NOW what would they see! 

A yelp listing you didn't even create?

A facebook page  that you havn't checked in months?

Google My Business listing with outdated information?

Here is 5 reasons why your restaurant needs a website:

  • Customers EXPECT IT
  • Your COMPETITION already has one
  • Gives Customers faster ACCESS to you
  • Allows you to give ACCURATE INFORMATION to your customers
  • Facebook, IG etc.. can't SHUT DOWN your website

We can just imagine what you are thinking. "I hear what you are saying BUT!!!"

  • Getting my business online is to overwhelming: Yes it is.. That's why we keep it simple.  We start you off with a worry free website and can help you grow from there.
  • It’s to hard keeping up with all the changes: That is our job not yours.  We handle all techie stuff, so you don't have to worry about server uptime, the latest Google changes etc..
  • I don’t need a website I have a Social Media profile (Our Favorite):  That's great that you are using social media we encourage it. But what happens when Facebook, for example, is not the go to.You will have to work on rebuilding and rebranding on another platform.  With your own website you have control of your  branding.  When used correctly, social media can be a great tool for funneling traffic to your website.  

If someone were to "STALK" your business's online presence, would they go with the business with an actual website or one without?

Contact Us Today To Get Your Restaurant's Website Online Tomorrow.